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We have extensive experience in execution of large-scale construction projects, while we meet the strict quality and time requirements.

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Over the past years, we have completed more than five hundred buildings. The greatest honour of our work is that our customers are happy to contact us again when they have new investments phoenix trading reviews be made.

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Thanks to our thoughtful business strategy, we have kept our financial stability through the years, and our turnover in recent years has reached billion Forints.

Our companies' future plans include further strengthening our mid-market position and maximizing our conformation to the market demands.

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Our company is against any form of discrimination, we respect each employee's human dignity, private life and personal rights. Health and Safety at Work Our company is aware of the responsibility of occupational health and safety, therefore we are committed to take appropriate precautions, maintaining regular health and safety trainings for our employees.

Environment protection Our company is committed in protecting the environment. We consider as a task to reduce harmful environmental impacts during the construction works.

During designing we strive for the optimum material usage, to produce as few waste during construction as possible. In order to achieve these goals, we are operating a certified environmental management system ISO Anti-Corruption Our company is opposed to corruption in any form, including blackmailing and bribery.

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In order to achieve this goal, we do not ask for and do not accept any rewards during the closings of our contracts, which may affect our business decisions. Next to the building in we installed our The south orientated modules fixed on a ground support frame occupy square meters. Adatok lekérése

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